The common saying “Content is King” has become a cliché. In an era where there’s more content than can be digested, providers need to step it up by providing quality content. Content that resonates and reverberates with an audience, generating an emotional connection; one that is possible not just with human beings, but inanimate objects like vehicles. Content that keeps your audience continually coming back for a second and third return. We specialize in helping you tell your story, generating that emotional connection that makes an impact over and over again.Anyone can shoot video, but telling a compelling story is difficult. That’s where I Speed on the 405 Productions comes in – we have the sensibilities of telling a story with the ability to work around your business (we know you have a business to run without media people getting in the way!).Whether it’s for social media, digital streaming, packaged goods (e.g. Blu-Ray), I Speed on the 405 Productions is your perfect partner.


I Speed on the 405 produces a variety of content for media partners, non-profits, as well as our own passion projects. We’re not limited to automotive or aviation, we take on a variety of subject matter.Available in up to 4K UltraHD and where applicable, Virtual Reality VR360 enhanced content.Head on over to our social media channels to find our latest work.
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Founded by Brian Wiklem, his passion for both films & technology are brought together in an effort to tell compelling stories. Shooting on a variety of equipment including 4K UltraHD, and Virtual Reality (VR) in both 180 degree and 360 degree perspectives no story is to big.Aerial drone coverage is also offered, as well as still photography where needed (including 360 degree).Brian has just recently concluded a short film on the restoration of a very rare Italian car, the Cizeta Moroder V16T.


VR Supercar

Resurrecting the Wolf

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